Holy Water from Big Placebo

Homeopaths need to invoke magic to explain how their cures are supposed to work. Which, as Ben Goldacre – doctor, author and campaigner against bad science – demonstrates, they don’t. Pure placebo. In spite of this, homeopathy is a multi-billion dollar global industry. Selling magic water.

What’s even harder to explain is why the same people who would snigger at Lourdes holy water suck this down with fervour. The reason they assert for the lack of actual evidence for its effectiveness is all down to the greed and lies of Big Pharma. As if Big Placebo is walking around in a loin cloth distributing cures to the poor for nothing but the joy of making the world a healthier place for all. No, it is not only a big global capitalist too, but it also fights tooth and nail against any regulation that would require proof of the effectiveness of the holy water.  Which doesn’t sound very much like spreading the love to me. Or the truth. Especially the truth.

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About Debra O'Brien

Godless pinko feminist with a sense of humour. Blogs about some of the injustices created by our economic system and explores some of the ways we are divided and hoodwinked.
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